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Matrix MX3 85W-140 GL-5 Gear Oil  

Matrix MX3 85W-140 GL-5 Gear Oils are multi-purpose sulfur/phosphorous type gear lubricants designed for API Service Classification “GL-5” and “MT-1” capabilities for non-synchronized manual transmissions in heavy duty systems.

Matrix MX3 85W-140 GL-5 Gear Oils are compounded with highly refined paraffinic base stocks and additives to ensure extreme pressure characteristics, anti-wear, “limited slip”, corrosion inhibition, rust preventions, low pour point, and anti-foaming tendencies.

Matrix MX3 85W-140 GL-5 Gear Oils meet the requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-2105D, MIL-L-2105E and Mack GO-G, GO-H and GO-J.

Matrix MX3 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Oils are primarily recommended for passenger cars and light duty trucks.

Product Fact Sheet
• Excellent wear protection
• Rapid release of any entrained air
• Oxidation and thermal stability for long life
• Excellent rust and corrosion protection
• Easy filterability
Typical Characteristics
Matrix GL-5 Gear Oils 85W140:  
SAE Viscosity Grade 85W140
Pour Point, °F +5
@ 100 Deg. F,  SUS 2172
@ 210 Deg. F , SUS 133.3
Viscosity Index 96
Gravity, API 24
Rust Test, ASTM D665 Pass
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