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Matrix Multipurpose ATF  

Matrix Multipurpose ATF is manufactured from selected, highly refined base stock and compounded with additives to enhance oxidation stability and thermal resistance, improve low temperature operation, impart specific friction control, improve load carrying ability and resist corrosion and foam tendency.  

Matrix Multipurpose ATF is a multipurpose automatic transmission fluid suggested for O.E.M. performance requirements contained under, General Motors, Dexron III (G Specification), Ford Mercon, Ford ESP-M2C13-CJ service labels. Further this product meets the requirements of Ford ESP-M2C166-H, Detroit Diesel, Allison C-3 & C-4 applications, Caterpillar TO-2 and for Ford late model C-4 & C-6 transmissions. 

Always consult your owner’s manual where specific automatic transmission fluids are recommended.

Product Fact Sheet
• Outstanding resistance to oxidative and thermal breakdown
• Exceptional low temperature fluidity
• Excellent anti-wear properties
• Stable friction properties
• Excellent gearshift quality throughout service life
Matrix Multipurpose ATF, Typical Analysis
Gravity, API  33.61
Density, lbs/gals  7.14
@ 40º C. cSt 33.7
@ 100º F, SUS 7.35
Viscosity Index 190
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