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Matrix MX4 SAE 50 GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Matrix MX4 SAE-50 GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil is a heavy-duty, synthetic gear and bearing lubricant. This products will find applications in manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials of passenger cars, construction equipment, farm machinery and over the-road trucks and buses. The outstanding oxidation resistance of this product provides for extended oil drain intervals.

Matrix MX4 SAE-50 GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil meets the requirements for heavy-duty transmissions covered by Eaton Roadranger (E500) and ArvinMeritor with oil drains of 500,000 miles. Matrix MX4 SAE-50 GL-5 Full Synthetic Gear Oil also meets Mack TO-A Plus 500,000 mile extended service classification and for transmissions and gear cases where API Service GL-1 through GL-4 gear protection is required. It is not suitable for hypoid gear applications in differentials and final drives, either for topping-off or refills, where API service GL-5 or SAE J230 lubricants are specified.

Product Fact Sheet
• Approved for extended warranties and extended drain intervals
• Exceptional low temperature fluidity
• Enhanced friction reducing properties
• Long service life
• Reduces drag for optimum fuel economy
Typical Characteristics
@40 Deg. C, cSt 140
@100 Deg. C, cSt 17.6
Density @ 15°C 0.876
Pounds per gallon 77.296
Foam Seq. I, II, III Pass
Pour Pt., °C -45
Flash, COC, °C 240
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