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About Matrix Lubricants

Since 2004, Matrix Lubricants has produced a full range of conventional, synthetic blend, full synthetic, heavy duty automotive and industrial lubricants to meet the demanding needs of the OEM’s and our customers. Our base stocks are procured from the major oil companies and refineries and are blended with advanced additives from the leading additive manufacturers.

Matrix Lubricants distributes it’s “packaged goods” products Nationally, directly to the automotive aftermarket lubricant installer markets, and distributes all of our products in bulk form currently within select geographical regions. By incorporating our own direct distribution we eliminate the conventional oil distributor allowing our customers to purchase our Brand directly and realize savings through reduced profit tier levels. Additionally we believe that through having a direct relationship with our customers we can offer an improved customer service over major brands who distribute through third party jobbers and distributors.

Our customers realize that while brand recognition, loyalty and significance is diminishing considerably with the consumer the importance of quality is not. Matrix Lubricants engine oil products are manufactured in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute's Engine Oil Licensing and Certification Program. Under this program Matrix products are licensed by the API and certified as meeting the stringent API certification requirements, where appropriate to the most current, ILSAC GF-4 specifications. All Matrix manufacturing facilities and suppliers are certified under the "ISO 9000, 9001 or 9002" quality management programs ensuring that the quality of our product is maintained to our requirements, so that our customer receives only the finest final product. Dedication to quality and customer service has allowed matrix to gain significant market share within the Lube center, Franchise dealership, Fleet operator, Municipality and School district market segments.

With over 3 million gallons of our Matrix premium motor oils having been used in the service fill aftermarket, vehicles using our motor oils have accumulated over 10 BILLION miles. Not one single engine problem has occurred.
While this may seem like a large number on initial consideration, it really is quite small in comparison to the majors brands. However we feel that this is an excellent attestation to the quality of our products.

Modern engines are designed and developed, through research, the extremes of motor sport and utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, in order to produce optimum performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. To achieve the performance intended from these modern engines requires an automotive lubricant that has been designed and developed to the same extremes. All Matrix lubricants have been developed to meet the demanding needs of modern automotive engine technology and have both industry and OEM approvals to verify compliance with current standards.

Please review our products in detail on this website and contact us should you require any additional information.

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Matrix engine oils are licensed under the American Petroleum Institute (API) Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System and where appropriate
Certified to the latest ILSAC GF-4 Specifications, please see for additional information